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Aquisition of Boeing 747 N4712U upper deck

December 27, 2017

Available with short notice, Boeing 747 N4712U underwent scrapping at Glasgow Prestwick airport. a deal was made to save the upper deck section and position it to the North East Land Sea and Air museum in Sunderland. A former United airlines and PAN AM bird, it has a heap of history with it. The cockpit section will be restored for people to visit and a decision on the remaining area will be made next year. I believe this to be the 5th oldest 747 in existense, and the only 747 available for public viewing in the UK.

TopGear Projectswarm roof hangar build

December 01, 2017

After a phone call from BBC Topgear  Magazine editor (now presenter of the US show) Tom Ford, i became involved in this project. I was tasked to build a roof box to hangar a pair of prototype camera drones. The twiat was it had to be built from an actual wing. After a tight deadline of 3 weeks, the build was completed, fitted to the truck and was then put on the Mitsubishi Motors stand at the Geneva motor show

Avro RJ100 HB-IXX summerhouse build

December 01, 2017

After being tasked to build a summerhouse from a former section of aircraft, Plum pictures became involved and have featured the build as part of TV show 'George Clarkes amazing spaces season 7'. with a 6 month build deadline to make the edit, a lot of sleepless nights and engineering obstacles were overcome to deliver, on time.   Keep eyes on the series, mid jan 2018

secret project for amazing spaces!

December 27, 2017

This is a secret project i have been a part in. George clarkes amazing spaces special build, series 7.  details will be added soon but its the best of the best of amazing spaces.  March 2018

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